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Swing Music – At a time where gentlemen and ladies of impeccable style mingled on the green, golf had a name: Hickory Golf.

Have you ever thought of uniting sports, fun, style and a bit of eccentricity all in one? Hickory Ho can make your dream come true thanks to its stylish products and unique events it can organize.

We create, orchestrate and execute special occasions, which are tailored made to the diverse needs and desires of our clients. This in constant liaison with culture, art, and culinary specialties.

First and foremost, Hickory is a way of living and playing golf, where competitive nature gives way to a friendly challenge and cherished, magical moments with like-minded players. It is a reflection of the history of golf – a noble sport from a noble land – where men and women were immersed in nature and established reciprocal trust with its surroundings. Player and course are one and the same, living in harmony: the heart of the Hickory adventure that embraces style, elegance, passion and savoir faire.

You will experience to play original hickory golf clubs which are 85 to 100 years old and in the mean time you will be dressed in the style of the golden age of golf.

Heed the call of Hickory Ho!



Hickory Ho has developped different concepts for


We have conducted events in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, UK and Mauritius

With more than 35 years of experience in the fields of Golf and Hotel Business, we are competent in delivering complex quality events and travels in time and on budget.

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